Bamboo Star is currently in the studio recording a new album for 2017.

Iconic voice. Massive guitar. Blistering bass. Relentless drums. Bamboo Star is all this and more. Hailing from a background of diverse influences, they are every bit as unique, powerful, and interesting as their hometown of Hong Kong. A personification of east meets west, their music runs at a frenetic pace that smashes you in the face, or it can bring down the house with gigantic power ballads that will crescendo with the entire crowd’s fists held high in the air.

Bamboo Star was created by Australian-Hong Kong front man and vocalist Wilfred Chung and Canadian-Hong Kong lead guitarist Terence Ng, who together with bassist Jasmine Wong and drummer Lawrence Wong are making some of the best hard rock music in Asia. Their songs are written in their two native languages, English and Cantonese, and the name Bamboo Star (phonetically ‘Jook Sing’) is a play on a local slang term for Chinese people who have overseas backgrounds, the ones who are trapped in-between two distinctive and frequently dichotomous societies.

Their lyrics often speak about the seeking of identities, conflicting cultural ideas and the overcoming of adversity. The album’s opening battle cry “Ready to Roll” highlights the pressures and civil inequalities of big-city life, as well as musters the tenacity and courage to prevail. “We’ve had enough and we won’t be your slaves. ‘Cus we can see right through your one-horse race. Stand Tall! We don’t need them anymore.”

 Photo by Sprink Photography

Photo by Sprink Photography


Wilfred shares, “My lyrics are often driven by my own struggles, socio-political observations or personal relationships. Sometimes specific scenarios trigger them, but as songwriters, we are also storytellers so I force myself to distill and abstract the situation down to the emotion that others might experience. What exactly is the sentiment here and how can a listener feel what I feel? For me, this process in itself is therapeutic.”

A fan favourite, “Believe in Our Memory,” reminisces on the coming together of past choices when inner struggles collide with past love. ‘I see the photos of our footsteps in the ground, and it’s clear to me where I belong. Your soul to me is just a childhood fantasy, What feels this right just can’t be wrong.’ For Terence, songwriting derives from the simple joys and pains in life. The musical elements of this song references the beautiful things that come forth through our darkest moments. It binds us because we share these stories. It’s what secretly ties us all together.

Bamboo Star has been featured on Hong Kong TV and was the China winner of the Planetrox international band competition 2015, after which they toured Toronto and Quebec with success. The band continually performs shows in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and China.

Bamboo Star’s EP Broken Hearts and Bleeding Parts was released on November 11, 2016 by American label Vertusent Music Group and distributed by RED Distribution/The Orchard, divisions of Sony Music Entertainment.